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Why Live In Frisco, TX?

Wondering where to live in North Texas? This Dallas News article reported that Frisco is at the top of the list of fastest-growing big cities in the nation. It states that Frisco has been, “adding an average of 37 new residents every day for a population jump of 8.2 percent.”

McKinney and Flower Mound, Frisco’s close neighbors, are also on the list of the top 20 most rapidly expanding areas. Not too far away, Fort Worth leapfrogged Indianapolis as the nation’s 15th largest city. There’s no question…North Texas real estate is hot.

TRGhouses For Frisco Real Estate

Our property management services make it easy to do business in the fastest growing real estate market in the US. This blog outlines the advantages TRGhouses offers property owners.

TRGhouses For Property Management In Frisco

Searching for a Frisco Property Management Company for your rental home? Our suite of services includes a variety of offerings that ensure ease of management and guarantee profitability. These include:

Rental Units Pricing:

We help you gauge the market and price your rental properties to decrease vacancies and increase cash flow. Our unique rental comparison tool allows us to consider prices across a broad range of neighborhoods and help determine appropriate pricing for your properties. Using our research tools and expert knowledge of properties in the area, we have a hand on the pulse of the North Texas real estate rental market.

Resident Screening Process:

We can reduce potential problems with rental tenants by putting resident applicants through a rigorous screening program. Our screening process checks the applicant’s credit history, criminal background, and whether or not they’ve ever been evicted. This screening process is extremely thorough but takes just minutes to complete.

Easy Pay Methods:

We offer a variety of options that allow your tenants to pay quickly and conveniently. Each method of payment has added security measures in order to protect your cash flow. Your tenants can pay by check, credit card, or even drop payments off at their local 7-11! Once received, our team will then deposit the funds into your bank account.

Fast-Response Property Maintenance:

We have an online ticketing process that allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently with both vendors and maintenance professionals. This ensures that any issues on your property will be resolved quickly. We’ll send you an email containing a copy of work orders and include any updates regarding maintenance performed.

Owner’s Portal Provides Detailed Statements and Reports:

The online Appfolio Owner’s Portal can save you time by providing immediate, real-time reports. Reporting includes maintenance invoices, rental payments, and occupancy/vacancy reports.

No Hidden Charges Or Surprise Fees:
Our property management team operates efficiently and keeps you updated on the administration and other details of your properties. Property owners love working with the TRGhouses team because of our transparency, professionalism, and responsiveness. Our property agreements are clear and easy to understand, and we do not surprise you with additional fees or hidden charges. Our goal is to have you as a long-term property partner, and we can only do that if we deliver excellent service and help you optimize the profitability of your properties.

Questions To Ask A Frisco Property Management Service:

  • Are tenants pleased with their property manager?
  • Do the tenants feel like their issues are addressed in a timely manner?
  • How quickly does the property manager fix issues that need attention?
  • Is the property well-maintained and clean?
  • Are residents of the building respectful of their neighbors?
  • What is the average percentage of tenant occupancy?
  • Find out why those tenants who are leaving once their lease is up are choosing to move.

Answering these questions in relation to TRGhouses gives you an accurate picture of our qualified and professional property management team. When you see the level of service we offer, you will recognize our ability to find exceptional tenants, manage payments efficiently, and respond to tenant needs quickly

Let TRGhouses Manage Your Frisco Rental Property

If you are interested in learning more about our property management services, please contact TRGhouses. We will walk you through the features of our property management portal, share our systems and property management tools with you, and give you an expert assessment on how we can improve the operation and management of your properties.