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Things To Know Before Signing A Texas Residential Lease

What are my responsibilities as a resident?

  • Returning Move-In Condition form within five (5) business days of moving in
  • Paying rent on time through the Resident Portal
  • Replacing air filters (monthly)
  • Lawn & yard maintenance in accordance with HOA specifications
  • Maintaining the property in good condition (replacing light bulbs, replacing batteries in smoke detectors as needed, removing trash from the property, etc.)
  • Submitting maintenance requests in writing through the Resident Portal
  • Pest control maintenance

Moving Out FAQ

Q: I am considering moving out, what are the next steps?

• 45 days prior to your lease expiration send us in writing your intent to vacate.  You may email us your notice at
• A lockbox and sign will be placed on your property for potential future residents to view the premises
Prior to moving out you will need to make any necessary repairs for damage due to negligence, accident, or abuse and will need to hire a professional cleaning service and carpet cleaning company to have your home and carpets cleaned.
On your day of move out you will turn in your keys, remotes, forwarding address and any professional cleaning receipts you incurred.

Q: What is considered “normal” wear and tear?

“Normal wear and tear” means deterioration that results from the intended use of a dwelling, including, breakage or malfunction due to age or deteriorated condition (i.e. the dishwasher is several years old and stops working).  This does not include deterioration that results from negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the premises, equipment, or chattels by a resident or resident’s guests (i.e. not changing air filters and the air conditioner breaking down or a punched hole in the wall.) Tex. Prop. Code §92.001(4).

Q: Will I be charged for carpet replacement? 

If a resident receives carpet in good condition it should be returned in good condition.  If there are any new stains, rips or pet damage to the carpet then residents can be charged for damages to the carpet.

Q: Will I be charged for painting?

Nicks and large holes in sheetrock, long continuing marks along walls (like a crayon, or discoloration from a bed or couch pushed against a wall), and/or mismatched painting repairs is not considered normal wear and tear. In these cases residents can be charged for a painting.

Q:  After moving out when will I receive my security deposit?

Refunds for security deposits will be issued approximately thirty (30) days after moving out.


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