5 Benefits Of Property Management Companies

5 Benefits Of Property Management Companies

Why use a property management company? The right property management company will add value to your real estate investment properties, but that is only the beginning.

Landlords can expect the following benefits of using a property management company.

1. Finding the Best Tenants Possible

Property management companies will screen tenant applications to make sure they are a good fit for your property. Property management companies can find you tenants who pay on time, rent long-term, and will use the premises responsibly.

Screening tenants with a property management company prevents:

  • Rental scams
  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • Lengthy eviction processes

2. Vacancy Reduction

Property management companies know how to make your real estate investment properties more attractive in all the right ways:

  • Improvements – A property management company can show you which repairs and upgrades will bring you the highest degree of renter satisfaction and revenue.
  • Rates – Property management companies determine the perfect monthly rent based on local real estate market trends, data from other comparable real estate investment properties, and special diagnostic tools.
  • Marketing – A worthwhile property management company employs skilled writers with plenty of experience and advertising connections (hence, cheaper ad rates). They are pros at fielding calls, showing properties, and closing deals with other rental companies and agencies.

3. Effortless Administration

Hiring a property management company ensures rent is always collected on time and conveys a professional message to tenants. A property management company has excellent administrative systems in place to collect rent, late fees, and tend to other important administrative matters.

It is not uncommon for a landlord to hire property management companies based on eviction reasons alone. Evictions are heavily regulated and carry major penalties if done improperly. Property management companies know how to handle this delicate process without mistakes or delays.

4. Reduced Repair & Maintenance Costs

Property management companies work with knowledgeable contractors who can extend the value and durability of your rental investment properties. A property management company uses the same contractors for multiple properties and can pass their discounted services onto you.  Not only are you saving yourself from finding a general contractor on your own, but you are also getting a cheaper rate for quality services.

5. Less Stress

As a landlord, trying to do everything on your own can be tough. Hiring a property management company reduces stress while increasing your personal freedom and letting you enjoy life.  Apartment inspections, rent collection, and various day-to-day micromanagement issues can be safely handled while you are away from the office.

Whether you need legal advice, optimal rental rates, or help finding general contractors, a property management company makes sure you have a full team at your disposal whenever you need help most.

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